The IMPedia team consists of several surgeons, airforce pilots as well as other professionals from both Switzerland and abroad:

  • Prof. Dr. med. Lorin Benneker, Spine Surgery, Orthopedic Department Sonnenhof Spital
  • Dr. med. Ralph Läubli, Head Spine Surgery FMI Spitäler AG
  • Dr. med. Marc Studer, LC, Wing Commander, military pilot and instructor, medical doctor
  • lic. iur. TEP Peter Geiger, Lawyer
  • Prof. Dr. iur. Toni Amonn, Lawyer
  • Maj. Gunnar Jansen, Military pilot, flight instructor, safety manager
  • Valentin Degen, BA, Business Development
  • Françoise Oppikofer, Attorney & Engineer BSc, General counsel
  • Thomas Studer, MBA, Finance
  • Bart Morselt, MSc, Strategy & Communication
  • Emilio Kaupert, Law i.A., Marketing & Business Development
  • Pablo Marulanda Tamayo, Intern (Research)