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The Swiss IMP (Institute of Medical Procedures) was founded to improve the quality, safety, efficacy and sustainability of surgical treatments. It accomplishes this by making the collective knowledge of the sector’s professionals—along with best practices and research insights—available globally. With shared knowledge, providers can take neutral, objective and transparent steps to improve patients’ health and lives.


IMP’s intelligent open platform IMPedia collects and enriches “user generated content” from medical professionals in all relevant disciplines. It makes the outcomes and peer-reviewed best practice insights available to all IMPedia-connected professionals in data-secure and patient-anonymous templates that are inspired by proven Air Force procedures. These insights can accelerate cultural change and real-time mutual learning from both failures and successes. Medical treatment will become better if done together—at no other cost than active participation and donations by those who can afford it.


IMP wants to build from its Swiss base to become the global Best Practice Leader in connecting medical professionals through a data-driven, intelligent, managed and “Swiss quality” platform. By helping doctors around the globe share know-how, IMP will help improve the quality of their care.