what is impedia A crowd intelligence tool that applies military quality-control principles to improve medical care

Quality of care improved…

Surgical procedures are both necessary and beneficial, but even in sophisticated healthcare systems like the ones in Europe, complications (12%) and mortality (2%) are common. The situation is even worse in many other areas of the world. With over 300 million surgeries per year globally and significant unmet need for surgeries in lower-income countries, the scope of the problem is obvious.

So how can this be improved?

…using military aviation principles…

Quality-control principles applied in military aviation such as strict planning, defined execution, and specific workflows and logbooks for debriefing can significantly enhance quality and safety in complex and changing environments. These principles can have the same effects within the surgical environment, permanently lowering fault rates and creating better team performance.

IMP is working to improve surgical treatment by implementing these principles, and by making the collective knowledge and best practices of the sector’s professionals accessible globally.

…in a crowd-intelligence tool

IMPedia is a tool for improving quality and safety before, during and after surgery.

Think of it as the Wikipedia for surgeons, but using pre-designed templates that are written, reviewed and used by accredited professionals only. IMPedia helps Improve Life Together, at no cost other than shared intelligence.

As a non-profit organization, IMP relies on donations and subsidies, as well as expert intelligence contributed by medical professionals in our network. Contact us if you can make a difference in either one of those dimensions.